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Rail Transportation

Efficient railway transportation helps ensure both population mobility and a functioning supply chain. Our core competencies are superior communication, creative strategizing and world class customer service. We view each client's supply chain as unique and tailor our approach to fit the needs of each customer.
Shivam Courier & Cargo to develop long-term partnerships with both clients and vendors, in order to control costs and streamline processes. By leveraging economies of scale in sectors such as retail, grocery, industrial, construction and healthcare, we drive down costs and increase efficiencies. By offering a variety of rail transportation modes and value-added services, clients gain end-to-end visibility and reporting on all supply chain related activity.

  • Experience of 2+ years in rail transportation
  • High levels of expertise and experience
  • Efficiently handled huge bulk shipments
  • Ensures a cost-effective, safe, reliable & ethical service
  • Train shipment facilities to retail & small customers
  • Door to door pickup and delivery of your shipments
  • Provides delivery with no delays
  • Offers fully comprehensive package based on proper analysis of your needs

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