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Shivam Courier & Cargo is a Supply Chain Management & Warehouse Management Services Company in India. It is a facilitated and services provided by surface, rail and air transport in the private sector and Public sector. This is especially the case with specialized transport associated with goods Operations in the country. The success one of reputed national companies in India is heavily dependent logistics solutions on surface, rail and air transport for the provision of the consumables that keep the relevant company running.
Experienced air, rail and surface transport operators, especially those that deliver a high quality, skilled, nice service are infrequently encountered.
One such Company is Shivam Courier & Cargo Logistics solution, which has almost Fifteen years experience in transporting a variety of goods between across India. Shivam Courier & Cargo Supply Chain Management & Warehouse Management Services is a privately owned company in India. With humble beginnings in 2002 the company has grown to become the surface cargo transport and logistics solution of choice for all companies in India requiring the inward transport of necessary consumables. Fifteen years of experience in Logistics solutions to the transport industry are currently enabling an expansion of the services we offer into our nation markets. The company has headquarters in Mumbai, and Branch Office Bandra & Pune,


Shivam Courier & Cargo aims to provide affordable, one stop logistical and warehouse services for all types of road, rail and air transportation across India. We strive to be the most successful transportation and logistics solutions company in the regional industry and to continually improve our market share by offering competitive rates in conjunction with superior service optimal use of available resources, innovation and cost saving initiatives.


Through its suite of road, rail & air transport services, Shivam Courier & Cargo is one of the leading one stop logistics Solutions transport companies servicing across India.
The company aims to maintain and grow on its high profile in the market by: 

  • Maintaining our service excellence
  • Providing superior transport solutions according to each customer’s needs
  • Treating staff and customers with respect and honesty
  • Appointing high quality staff (vetted by extensivebackground checks)
  • Developing new and innovative ways to safely and cost effectively transport cargo
  • Offering customers a dedicated, personalised service

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